2018 Year in Review

2018 was a great year for 3DR and for our Site Scan customers.

Here's some of what we accomplished together.

Our top 20 most active customers


Our top 20 most active customers



missions with Site Scan

An average of 322 per user

1.27 million


Average of 63,000 photos per user

A closer look

Where you flew the most

The U.S., Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Qatar were the top 5 countries for Site Scan pilots to fly in.

United States

You flew in 48 states to map construction sites, inspect bridges, collect topography data, and much more. Maine and Vermont, we're coming for you in 2019 :-)


Japan is one of the fastest growing regions for Site Scan customers, with drones being put to work on construction projects across the country.




Most flights

By a single Site Scan pilot in 2018. That's over 2 flights per day!

Most measurements

By a single Site Scan user in 2018. That includes distance, area, and volume measurements of stockpiles.

Test flight hours

From the Dronecode test team

What did you fly?

Top DJI drones in Site Scan

The Phantom 4 Series was the most popular DJI drone for Site Scan pilots in 2018. Our fastest growing option is the Yuneec 3DR H520-G, a U.S. government-friendly UAV that we launched in November 2018.

Most popular flight patterns

Area survey and crosshatch were your go-to flight patterns. Vertical scan and panorama, which we introduced in late 2018, were quickly put to use to capture facades and create 360° images.

In 2018, you brought drones into the enterprise

You created over



You shared data with over



You measured your jobsites

83,700 times

Distance, area, volume, and more

Using drones for good

Helping with disaster relief, conservation efforts, and more

Documenting important artifacts

Site Scan was used in Micronesia to document and preserve important ruins and cultural artifacts affected by climate change.

Relief for Hurricane Florence

The 3DR team and partners were on-site in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence to capture aerial imagery and help local and statewide government agencies assess damage.

What we built together

Notable 2018 product releases

Yuneec 3DR H520-G

The complete UAV solution for U.S. government projects

Vertical Scan

The only way to autonomously scan building facades and mine walls with a drone

Fleet Management

A central dashboard for tracking and managing drones, batteries, and pilots

We accomplished so much together in 2018. We're looking forward to another great year!

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