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3DR Solo Application

iOS & Android Companion for Solo

Total copter and GoPro® control at your fingertips. The Solo App offers a live HD view from your GoPro along with a detailed satellite overview for flight planning. It also gives you fingertip control of many of Solo’s in-flight functions, including pushbutton flight and Solo’s groundbreaking Smart Shots—one-touch cinematic shot creation. The app makes it easy to dig deeper and customize Solo’s in-flight behavior, adjust the full complement of GoPro camera settings and change the way the controller responds to your commands. It also gives you instant access to technical support: Submit service tickets straight from the app, even in the field.

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Apps For Drones

DroneKit offers an SDK and web API to easily develop apps for your drones. From ground to air to cloud, DroneKit is a homogeneous API that allows you to interact with all 3DR vehicles at all levels. Driven by open source software as a core 3DR competency and value, DroneKit adds professional-level tools that developers need to build their applications on mobile and desktop and web platforms, with support for new languages coming soon! We look forward to seeing what you build with DroneKit!

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Full Featured Android App

Put the power of full vehicle control at your fingertips with Tower. Tower is a full-featured Android app that unleashes the power of your drone. Plan autonomous missions with the Flight Editor while monitoring your drone’s health and progress along the way. Tower allows you to change vehicle settings and perform full preflight checks and calibrations..

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3DR Services

Android Backend App

3DR Services provides the backbone of all of our Android applications. Our services layer allows you as a developer to pay attention to the parts that matter--your application--while we take care of the hard parts of interfacing with the vehicle. Built on DroneKit, Tower and the Solo App already run on 3DR Services. Run 3DR Services on Android and develop your front end, get your drone’s data to the cloud, and speed your development process!

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Drone Code

Open Source Community

3DR is a proud founder and supporter of the DroneCode Foundation, home to the world’s leading open drone platform and flight code. DroneCode’s resources and governance structure guide and support the worldwide development of consumer and commercial open UAV software. If you’d like to access the flight code or explore development opportunities, visit

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Solo SDK

Development Kit

This Solo Developer's Guide describes how to work inside Solo's system architecture and develop applications for Solo. The objective of this guide is to educate and enable developers to crack Solo: access and work with Solo's Linux distribution; upload and run Python scripts, including DroneKit-Python; run services that run on boot; process video as it’s being streamed; and troubleshoot Solo.