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Wondering why the construction industry is using drones more than ever?

In a word: documentation.

Your jobsite changes quickly, and it’s tough to keep track of every moving piece. The aerial view of a drone has helped fix that by making it easy to capture your projects at key stages.

That was only the beginning, though: now that it’s easy for you to use drones to document your project, we’re focused on helping you get insight from the imagery you collect. That’s why, today, we’re introducing a suite of new features in Site Scan Manager, our web application, to help you better understand and manage your projects.

Read on to see what’s new, and if you want to learn more please request a web demo—we’d be happy to show you more of Site Scan and answer any questions you may have.

1. Quickly count objects like trees, cars, and more


Counting trees with Site Scan’s new counting annotation feature

Use Site Scan to track inventory and assets on your projects? Today, that gets a whole lot easier. We’ve added a counting annotation to Site Scan so you can quickly take stock of the objects that matter, including trees, cars, and much more.

You can also use the counting annotation to plot exactly where to place ground control points on your site.

2. View multiple orthomosaics on a single map


From highways to pipelines, open pit mines to airports, Site Scan is increasingly being used on large-scale jobs across the world. That’s why, for your projects that span across several miles, we’re giving you the ability to view multiple orthomosaics at once. This single, unified view makes it easier for you to see and analyze your entire project in one place.

Multi-ortho view in action: Arcadis, a global engineering consultancy, used this feature as part of their work with Site Scan on the Orbital Highway project in Qatar. Site Scan helped them map the entire 46-km roadway 10X faster than traditional methods. They captured over 15,000 images from one end of the highway to the other, creating 34 orthomosaics in total. With multi-ortho view, they were able to bring each of the 34 orthomosaics together and view them all at once.

3. See your flights in calendar view


Switch to monthly calendar view with a click

To make it easier to navigate and find specific flights, we’ve added a calendar view to Site Scan. With this monthly view, you can see your drone flights in the same format as the rest of your project schedule.