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This Monday 3D Robotics sent a few lucky liaisons to the Iron Horse Vineyard Earth Day celebration in Sebastopol, California. We had a great time at the event, an outdoor festival and fundraiser featuring excellent local food and wines, and a truly honorable keynote speaker, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

In the morning our team mapped the entire vineyard (click on the stitch map above), then performed a copter demo with live video stream and put on a presentation later in the day. The first female Supreme Court Justice is a tough act to follow, but our team drew lots of attention and spent two hours answering questions, flying the Y6 and streaming video. We had great conversations with many other winemakers and rubbed elbows with the who’s who of Sonoma, which will hopefully lead to some productive future research collaborations.

The event also introduced to the world our software engineer Arthur Benemann in his debut as the newest member of 3DR North! Arthur’s superb work with Droidplanner translated naturally into some top-flight piloting skills: He landed the Skywalker in a tight and perfectly apt spot — making a landing strip of the path between two rows of vines.