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3D Robotics is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Sifteo, pioneers in cutting-edge consumer electronics.

Sifteo brings to 3DR valuable and unique expertise in developing fun and engaging high-tech consumer products. With their groundbreaking Sifteo Cubes (which The New York Times called “a kick in the imagination”), the company bridged the digital and physical divide by applying the latest in computing, software, and sensors to everyday objects — it’s a divide that 3DR’s vehicles also bridge, though drones aren’t exactly everyday objects (yet).

However, 3DR isn’t thrilled only by Sifteo’s cutting-edge approach to technology. Sifteo also boasts a consumer acumen proven over years of developing and delivering world-beating customer experiences and shipping high-volume products into mass-scale retailers. The acquisition of the technology and resources specific to Sifteo will further elevate our company’s capabilities on many fronts, and will help propel 3DR into new markets as the industry matures.

Said 3DR CEO Chris Anderson, “When we first engaged with the Sifteo team and saw their skillset, experience, and IP portfolio, we immediately recognized the impact they would have working with us to transform and grow the consumer drone market. Their consumer electronics experience and deep product skills complement our technology perfectly. We are thrilled to have the resources of both groups together to lead what we believe will be a billion dollar market over the next few years.”

Sifteo’s fusion of fun and high-tech utility has found a perfect match in 3DR’s technology, products, and future ambitions. Please join us all in welcoming these beautiful and brilliant people!

Read the full press release here.