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We’re thrilled to introduce the world to Follow Me, the latest adventure in autonomous flight. Follow Me mode allows you to be your own one-man aerial film crew: Capture yourself in action, with all the freedom of spontaneity and zero pre-planning, even when there’s no one around to helm the sticks for you. Just select “Follow” in DroidPlanner, strap on your Android phone or throw your tablet in your backpack, and your drone will use the telemetry link to follow wherever you go — and will keep the camera trained on you the whole time. Place your Android device on another vehicle — say a car, boat, or rover — and Follow Me tracks that for you, too.

Follow Me is available today, free. You just need the beta of the new DroidPlanner 2.0 (free here) and the latest release candidate (3.2 RC 2) of Arducopter (free here).*

To get the beta of DroidPlanner, please follow these instructions:

1) Join the Google+ community

2) Become a beta tester

3) Download the app from the Play Store (This may take about 30 mins to go live after you become a beta tester.)

To get the latest release candidate of Arducopter, select “Beta Software” from the firmware upload screen of Mission Planner or APM Planner.

Both of these will be coming out of beta in a few weeks (after the Sparkfun AVC), so if you’d rather not be using beta software, just sit tight and it will automatically come to you with the next public update.

Follow Me frees you to be yourself, by yourself. Happy flying!

*Please note that as advised in the warning notice in Mission Planner and APM-Planner 2, Beta versions and release candidates are by definition unstable and should only be used by expert operators and only to help the developers test the code during the pre-release test cycle in direct coordination with the developers. In those versions, bugs are very likely to be present and the operator should be aware of a significantly higher operational risk and choose location and operation modes for flights accordingly, as well as be prepared for the possibility of undesired behavior of the aircraft and even a catastrophic failure.