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We’re happy to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration has asked 3DR to participate in its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration Task Force.

This Monday the FAA announced it would consider mandatory registration for domestic drones. Registration would go a ways toward solving the problem of attribution, of tracing a rogue drone back to its owner in the event of a crash or reckless flying. However, it’s still not clear which types, weight classes or uses of drones would require registration. The FAA has given itself a month to figure out how to approach registration requirements, and they invited us to join the Task Force to advise the agency and help them meet this ambitious goal.

While we agree with the idea of registration in general, we don’t want it to put an undue burden on our customers.

Our drones have set industry benchmarks for safety. We built an air brake into the Solo controller, along with an adjustable flight ceiling, in-app training videos, automatic return-home, in-flight failsafes, flight log recording on both the drone and the controller, and an innovative flight control system that combines the autopilot with an onboard computer, greatly reducing the chances of a system error. On the Task Force we’ll contribute our expertise with this technology to represent the interests of our customers, our community and our industry at large.

And you can join in. The FAA has opened a 15-day window for public comments, which you can access here. We encourage all of you to make your voices heard.