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3DR is excited to announce we’ve expanded our partnership with Esri, the world’s leading geospatial software company, to create Esri’s new aerial imagery offering, The ArcGIS Drone Collection – a complete end-to-end drone data and analytics solution. The ArcGIS Drone Collection is an expansion of Esri’s current drone imagery offering, Drone2Map for ArcGIS, and includes a bundled solution incorporating a seamless integration between 3DR Site Scan and the 3DR H520-G drone with Esri ArcGIS products. 

Esri customers will now have access to a combination of the best-in-class U.S. government-approved drone with an incredibly easy-to-use iOS app built on Esri’s powerful map APIs, along with fast cloud processing and an analytics web app that offers a one-click integration into ArcGIS. Customers can leverage our integration by pushing their drone data from Site Scan Manager directly into their Esri ArcGIS Online account or by downloading the raw data for ArcGIS Pro to conduct a more in-depth analysis.

3DR Site Scan & Esri ArcGIS Online integration
3DR Site Scan software combines a cutting-edge flight planning app with an enterprise-level web app. Site Scan’s secure and private cloud allows users to upload, process, and store an unlimited number of images and projects in an elastic and scalable environment. 

Site Scan Field
The Site Scan Field iPad application includes five automated flight modes that offer users the ability to perform surveys and inspections on various projects, including construction sites, dams, towers, right-of-ways, and more. Customers can also plan their flights more accurately using GIS and CAD overlays.

Custom checklists along with fleet and pilot management allow organization administrators to monitor and log all drone flights. Once a flight is completed, the photos are available to QC right on the iPad to ensure everything was acquired appropriately before leaving the site. Lastly, users can upload images straight from their iPad to the cloud for automatic processing, ground control point detection, and more.

Site Scan Manager
Using Site Scan Manager, customers can process nearly all datasets in just under one hour. Once processing is complete, users can perform powerful data analysis using the built-in measurement, reporting, and display tools. Many customers around the globe have developed workflows to view and analyze their data almost immediately after flying, simplifying the way they collaborate with key project stakeholders.


3DR & Esri integration
3DR’s integration with Esri ArcGIS Online allows users to compile, transform, and deliver various data file outputs into their ArcGIS Online account in a single click. 2D and 3D data products are converted automatically into hosted services and packages into a users ArcGIS Online account using a cloud-to-cloud transfer, which eliminates the need for customers to download and upload files from their computer.

Drone use across industries
Organizations that need drones for visual inspections, site monitoring, asset management, or situational awareness can use the Site Scan solution to analyze their imagery and gain greater insight into their operations. For instance, utilities that want to inspect power lines or AEC professionals who want to monitor site construction, both require a quick and cost-effective way to assess the integrity of their assets or the extent of possible damage.



Want to learn more?
If you are interested in learning more about the 3DR and Esri partnership, you can contact our sales team today!


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