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3DR Site Scan Fall Release 2019

3DR, the aerial analytics company, announces a new release of Site Scan that adds powerful new tools in enterprise drone fleet management, computer vision, and geospatial terrain analysis. The release, available now in the Apple App Store, supports a wide range of drones, including most of the DJI line and 3DR’s own H520-G, which is approved for US government use and operations over critical infrastructure such as airports, ports and energy and telecoms facilities.

The 3DR Site Scan platform consists of Site Scan Field, an iOS app available on the Apple App Store for use by 3DR Site Scan customers, as well as Site Scan Manager, our browser-based analytics tool for creating and sharing advanced data products.

New in Site Scan: Checklists

We’re excited to release our new feature that allows Site Scan users to create a customized pre-flight Checklist. An organization’s administrator can now create customized checklists in Site Scan Manager, assignable to any project for use in Site Scan Field. Admins can choose whether to make this new checklist mandatory before take-off, with the answers recorded in Site Scan’s Fleet Manager. Site Scan’s Checklist helps any organization ensure safe, compliant, and accountable UAV data acquisition.


Variable Slope Vertical Scan

In December of 2018, we launched our new flight modes, Vertical Scan and Panorama. In our Fall 2019 launch, we’re pleased to release an even more advanced Vertical Scan, now with the ability to scan complex sloped surfaces and structures. With Variable Slope Vertical Scan, you can safely and autonomously capture sloped walls and facades to create rich point cloud and models. It’s perfect for scanning buildings, open-pit mines and quarries, spillways, and dams for better quality control, planning, and progress monitoring.


Also new in Site Scan

For Site Scan Manager,  we are excited to announce new features along with the full release of previous beta features:

High-resolution PDF exports
Site Scan can now export high-resolution PDFs of orthomosaics, overlays, and annotations (up to 1000 dpi).

Updated Contour Tools
Site Scan’s Contours tool has been greatly improved. It now allows users to instantly generate contours at the desired interval, set minor and major intervals, and export them as an Esri Shapefile or in DXF format. Exported contours can be generated from the Digital Elevation Model (DEM), or the filtered Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Upload 3D Surfaces for use with custom coordinate systems
While Site Scan users working in a known coordinate system can already upload 3D Surfaces to Site Scan, now those working in a custom coordinate system will be able to upload their 3D surfaces as well. Site Scan will automatically align them to the Ground Control Points, allowing all project teams to leverage this tool for volume measurements and cut/fill analysis.

Auto-GCP Detection
Even as RTK or PPK enabled vehicles are becoming commonplace, Ground Control Points (GCPs) are still critical to achieving the best possible accuracy.  Auto-GCP Detection uses machine-learning to automatically detect and tag Ground Control Point targets on the ground. Upload images into Site Scan and Ground Control Points will be automatically detected and tagged for you. Confirm the tagged location and process to obtain results as accurate as 1 cm vertically! Contact your Customer Success Manager for additional guidance on enabling this time-saving feature.

Finally, we’re also pleased to announce that included in our Fall 2019 release of Site Scan Field iOS is support for Apple iOS 13 for iPad, various bug fixes, and support for the 3DR H520-G E10Tv thermal camera using Inspect Mode.


Try Site Scan for free

These new features are included with every Site Scan free trial and subscription. To try it out, sign up for a 30-day free trial or talk to our sales team to buy a subscription.



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