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We’re excited to announce that 3DR will collaborate with Japanese trading company Shibamoto, Inc., to bring our drones and enterprise solutions to the Japanese market. This marks our first international enterprise launch, and we’re thrilled to have Shibamoto, a company with a diverse 98-year legacy in industry and distribution, as a partner on this journey.

Japan has a relatively long and progressive history of commercial drone use: Japanese farmers have been using drones as crop-dusters for nearly 20 years now. Now Shibamoto will sell our drones directly to farmers through its joint venture subsidiary New Holland HFT. Mr. Masaaki Shibamoto, President and COO of New Holland HFT Japan remarked, “Matched with the Precision Land Management techniques and products that we are offering, 3DR’s drones will give our customers ever more information about their crops, and will aid in their drive to reduce their costs and improve their yields.”

In addition to putting drones in farmers’ hands, Shibamoto will also work with university agriculture and robotics departments to foster education and further drone development. We designed the 3DR platform to be open specifically for this reason: Accessible and robust enough to be open for development to industries and research departments anywhere.

Chris Anderson, our CEO, who traveled to Tokyo for the announcement, said, “We’re thrilled over our entry into the Japan market, and could not have picked a better representative than Shibamoto & Co. They have a proven record of representing leading brands in the Japan market, with a commitment to customer support. We share that passion, and I’m looking forward to serving our new customers in this dynamic market.”