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Today, we’re thrilled to share the latest improvements we’ve made to Site Scan Field, our mobile app built for flying various drones and capturing aerial data. We’ve added not one, not two, but seven new features, making it easier than ever for you to capture data accurately, effectively, and safely.

Read on to see what’s new!

1. Capture high-definition video


See how Argyle—who recorded the above video—uses Site Scan to make their as-built surveying workflow 5X faster

For Site Scan users with a Phantom 4 Pro, you can now capture video with any of our autonomous flight modes—area survey, crosshatch survey, and perimeter scan—along with our manual inspection mode.

Just switch on ‘Video Mode’ when planning a flight, and you can record high-definition video that can be used to provide progress updates to owners, create marketing materials, and much more.

Site Scan in blue sky

2. Plan more accurate, effective flights


Now, you can view two additional layers of information while planning your flights: a map of your ground control points, and PDF’s of your design files.

By being able to view your ground control points before flying, it helps you design a flight plan that effectively covers each point, which will ultimately improve the accuracy of your data products.

With PDF overlays, you can view your design files while planning flights in Site Scan Field, which helps you ensure you’re staying within the boundaries of your site and capturing only the most important areas.

3. Easily avoid obstacles


Obstacle avoidance is now automatically activated on all of your Site Scan flights with a Phantom 4 Pro. This helps you fly safely and confidently: the Phantom 4 Pro can detect and avoid obstacles—on all four sides—that are up to 100 feet (30 metres) away.

4. Capture better data with single-altitude perimeter scan


Perimeter scan is our most advanced flight mode: it’s used to fly autonomously at multiple altitudes to capture vertical structures and facades, creating rich 3D models and point clouds.

Today, we’re making perimeter scan easier for you to get started with: now, you can fly a perimeter scan with just a single altitude. This helps you shoot progress photos and videos from all angles of your jobsite. Also, you can fly a single altitude perimeter scan and combine the pictures with area survey photos to create better data products.

5. Control who can fly your project


We’ve added operator licenses to Site Scan as part of our Enterprise platform, which gives you full control over who can and can’t fly your drones with the Site Scan Field mobile app. Read our new eBook, How to Build an Enterprise Drone Program, to learn more about how Site Scan can be used across large, multi-stakeholder organizations.

6. Fly crosshatch surveys at the right angle


Crosshatch surveys are a great way to capture oblique imagery. Now you can fly more effective crosshatch flights every time, because we’ve automatically set the gimbal angle to 35°, which is the optimal angle for the crosshatch flight mode.

7. Transfer media faster

We’ve added support for the Apple iPad SD card camera reader so you can quickly transfer photos and videos from your DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This is perfect for big video files, or if you have a large batch of photos that you want to start processing immediately.



Have questions? Want to see what else Site Scan can do? Schedule a call with one of our drone technology specialists to have an introductory chat. They’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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