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Comprehensive GoPro control has arrived in the Solo App! In addition to other feature improvements, version 1.3 brings you in-flight access to GoPro camera settings. In the last release (1.2.1) you got the ability to toggle between standard video mode (shoot up to 4k w/ HERO 4 Black) and photo mode. Now you can use your Solo App to adjust the below settings on your HERO 4 Black (click here for HERO 4 Silver specs; here for Hero3+ Black), while you’re flying.

Can’t stop, won’t stop: In coming weeks we’ll release more new features for your Solo, including incorporating industry-first safe flight zone information from AirMap. You can learn more about that here. Other cool features soon to follow. Promise: You will say whoa.

To have the new functionality of this latest app update, you need to update both the Solo App and the Solo firmware. App updates are available on the App Store and Google Play, depending on your mobile platform, and the Solo firmware can be updated through the app. You can confirm that you’re using the latest versions right in the Solo App. Just go to settings -> system info.

Here’s the App store link (iOS).

Here’s the Google Play link (Android).

GoPro settings:

  1. Video Resolution: Choose from a number of resolution options, including 4K, 2.7k, and 1080p
  2. Photo Resolution: Shoot up to 12 MP stills, with the option to select different resolutions. Different resolutions produce different detail and different file sizes: higher resolution gets you higher detail, but generally bigger file sizes.
  3. Auto Low-Light Mode: Your GoPro will automatically change ISO to account for lower light shooting scenarios.
  4. Protune on/off: Toggle GoPro’s protune feature.
  5. Video Frame-rate: Adjust how many frames your GoPro captures per second. Useful because different frame rates give your video different feels: 24fps or 30fps are what you’re used to seeing on film; 60fps is good for action; and 120fps allows you to transform your footage into slow-mo.
  6. Video Field of View: Choose between a wide, medium or narrow frame

Combined, the three main camera settings — resolution, frame-rate and field of view — determine the fundamental look and feel of your video. Here’s what we mean:

When you shoot 4K (best resolution quality) at 30 fps, you can only shoot with a wide field of view. These settings allow you to capture the most of the world around you.

However, we recommend using these settings to optimize your Solo video: 2.7k @ 60 fps in medium FOV. This setting makes your aerials feel more fluid (because an increased frame rate has smoother look) and, unlike shooting 4k, 2.7k allows you to shoot in a medium field of view, for perfectly justified video.

Shooting in 1080p is great for slo-mo, because in this mode you can shoot at 120 fps, which allows you to slow frames down in post and capture dynamic action moments in slow-mo.

Other updates in 1.3

  • Improved the tracking performance and smoothness of the Follow Smart Shot
  • Smart Return Home: Solo won’t climb as high to return if it’s close to home. Solo will always climb a minimum of 2.5m. Click here for a full explanation of how this works.
  • Tuned vehicle flight performance for smoother footage
  • Solo will not enter Return Home due to battery failsafe if it is already in Land mode
  • Sharper white LEDs
  • New sound when Solo powers off
  • Refined stick control
  • Reduced haptic feedback on the controller
  • More clear alert for low controller battery
  • Solo can now take pictures through the Tower app — useful for taking pictures in certain locations for mapping applications

Note: PAL support available in coming update.