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Solo Version 1.0 brought you Smart Shots and an array of other breakthrough features with the world’s first smart drone. Version 1.1 brought you the Solo Gimbal, delivering three-axis intelligent stabilization, automated cinematic camera pointing and the ability to start and stop recording directly on your GoPro from the ground.

This new Solo Version 1.2 is the next step up, with significant improvements to the robustness of the Solo system across the board.

This is to say we’re doing better than one system update every other month. Which to me, from a layperson’s perspective, is actually pretty amazing: Our engineers can change physical properties of Solo through software, which is essentially an intangible means. That’s why we can deliver continual improvements and features for free, and why your Solo will only get better with time.

We’ve also been committed since Solo’s release to keeping an ear to the ground and listening to what our users have been experiencing. These updates will not only deliver new features and improvements from our end, but will directly address things on your end as well.

The new Solo software Version 1.2 will be released today, 10/6, with an accompanying app update for iOS and Android coming soon, and which is currently pending the app review process.

Here’s a brief rundown on Version 1.2

  • Smoother gimbal performance at all tilt angles
  • Improved gimbal initialization
  • New gimbal motor protection algorithm — you can push its limits further
  • Networking improvements to increase range in crowded WiFi environments
  • Automatically shut down the GoPro with Solo’s power button
  • Smoother controls in and out of Smart Shots
  • General reliability improvements