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We’re excited to announce the release of the latest version of DroidPlanner, 2.8.1. This release expands and enhances the user experience of version 2.0, incorporating some cool and innovative new features as well as updates to existing features based on valuable user feedback. New features include an automated 3D modeling waypoint generator, a change of speed waypoint, improvements to help streamline 3PV™ follow me, and further autonomous flight protection. We invite you to download it for free from the Google Play store.

New features:

Building mapper waypoint generator: creates a pattern around a GPS coordinate to snap timelapsed photos which can be stitched together later into a 3D model (stitching software available separately).

Edit multiple waypoints: Hold down on any waypoint, then select the waypoints you want to edit. When you’re done, just hit the Done button.

3PV™ Follow Me: In order to change following position, tap and pull up on the Follow Me button (moved from the side menu).

Autonomous mission protection: When you create a mission without a takeoff and/or RTL end point, the app now prompts you to do so. This prevents your copter from automatically going into loiter after your mission finishes, and possibly descending where you don’t want it to.

Change speed waypoint: Allows you to change the copter’s speed during autonomous flight.

Features based on feedback:

The “Dronie” app has some user-friendly updates.

When the user creates the dronie, a message tells the user where to stand.

The app alerts the user when the copter is about to take off to go into the auto mission.

On its way back down, the copter slows as it gets closer to its original location, so users feel less worried the copter might be descending out of control.

How to download:

Visit the Google store here. The version you download should be 2.8.1RC1.