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Now that you can process your drone data with ground control points (GCPs), you can achieve horizontal and vertical accuracy down to 0.25 inches. It’s important to know exactly how precise your georeferenced deliverables are, so today we’re introducing ‘checkpoints’, which are now available in Site Scan.

Checkpoints aren’t processed along with regular GCPs: they’re independent points that allow Site Scan to automatically determine the accuracy of your georeferenced data products.


To set checkpoints, users can simply click a tagged GCP until it turns into a red checkmark

Checkpoints are a part of our Lightning GCP workflow, which is the fastest way to enter and tag ground control points in the cloud. You can turn a GCP into a checkpoint by just clicking on it, and Site Scan will automatically use that point to measure the accuracy of your deliverables. Ultimately, your accuracy figure will represent the distance, horizontally and vertically, between the checkpoint before and after it was processed.

If you use ground control points in your workflow, this is a crucial capability: now, you can know exactly how precise your drone maps and models are. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please fill out our contact form and one our product specialists will get in touch.