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The Solo App: Easy Does It

I still think people — myself included — look a little ridiculous on our smartphones, staring down vacantly at the truly phenomenal feats of evolutionary engineering that are our thumbs, which we now send...

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Drone Safety: What you should know before you fly

It’s getting easier and easier to fly drones — or, like with Solo, to have the drones fly themselves. This is good news for a number of reasons: More people can enjoy...

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Solo: The Selfie Drone, for the ultimate reveal

We developed Smart Shots because we wanted to make it easy for anyone to shoot like a pro. This is the most compelling technology in Solo: Anyone can now capture...

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DD18: Drone vs. Enrique Iglesias; Google drone crashes and no one notices; GoPro makes its plans known; but moth sex leads to better flight plans

Question of the Week A few days ago, Enrique Iglesias made headlines when he grabbed a drone during a live performance in Tijuana and got his fingers badly sliced by the...

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The Solo Controller: A controller that’s smarter than most drones

There’s probably no better visual representation of the progression of drone technology over the last three years than this side-by-side comparison of controllers. One is visibly hard to use, with...

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This week: Drones, A.I. and Ex Machina; drones help save lives in Texas floods; 4-hour hydrogen-powered quadcopter flight; why the mega-rich love and hate drones

Question of the Week This weekend I saw Ex Machina, an excellent, dark and provocative new sci-fi thriller that I recommend to you all. The movie adheres to some of the...

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Drone Download 16: Another White House drone incident; James Cameron’s drone contest; drones on the campaign trail; breakthroughs in sense and avoid

Question of the week Last week the Secret Service arrested a man for flying a personal drone over the White House. Again. I covered it on our blog, and pointed out...

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Solo: The Follow-Me Drone

3DR makes and sells the world’s first and only follow-me drones — like Solo, the world’s first Smart Drone — which have the ability to follow and film your every move. This follow drone...

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White House Down II: The second drone incident this year?

Update: Here’s a look at the drone, from the Washington Post. The operator was apparently flying at Lafayette Park, just north of the White House. ******* The Associated Press reported...

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This week: Amazon drone delivery patent revealed; FAA releases app for drone pilots; Silicon Valley Fashion Week puts drones over the runway

To get the Drone Download delivered to you inbox weekly, subscribe here. Question of the week Last week I attended AUVSI 2015, where I (someone who works for a drone...