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Getting the Shot: The Aran Eversman Aviator Edition

To begin, Aran Eversman does not define himself as solely a photographer. He identifies most as a storyteller, and knew that this would be his life’s work the moment he...

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The Real History of Drones, Part One: The Civil War and San Francisco in ruins

In this ongoing series we’ll tackle the long, weird and important history of drones, trying to answer a single guiding question: Just how did we get here? The first transmission...

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Drone Download: The real crime edition

Question of the week Lots of stories this week about drone laws and those who break them. The biggest headline: The federal task force assigned to developing registration guidelines for recreational...

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The Manual Manual

Solo isn’t all Smart Shots and pushbutton flight. It’s also a powerful and fun drone to fly. Here’s a look at some of Solo’s manual flight characteristics, as well as...

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Drone Download: The “can you shoot ‘em?” edition

Question of the week This week a Kentucky judge cleared a man of charges for shooting a neighbor’s drone out of the sky with a shotgun. The defendant, William Merideth — of Bullitt...

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Life After Gravity Field Notes: Episode Two

“Actually a root word of technology, techne originally meant ‘art.’ The ancient Greeks never separated art from manufacture in their minds, and so never developed separate words for them.” –...

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3DR & Shibamoto: Our first international enterprise launch

We’re excited to announce that 3DR will collaborate with Japanese trading company Shibamoto, Inc., to bring our drones and enterprise solutions to the Japanese market. This marks our first international...

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Solo’s “Black Box”: What flight logs are and what they mean for you

What is a flight log? Solo’s ridiculous amount of computer overhead means the system can record a ridiculous amount of flight information in real time. We collectively call this information Solo’s...

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Life After Gravity Podcast: Drones & Journalism, with Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Matt Waite

Drones can deliver the news, but they also are news. In this podcast, Matt Waite — Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, professor and founder of the world’s first drone journalism lab — will talk about how...

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Drones and Walmart & The FAA & Paper Planes & Sharks & Whales & New South Wales

Question of the week Last week the FAA announced that it would soon require all drones in the US to be registered. It’s still only half a story, though, because the...