× New eBook: How to Build an Enterprise Drone Program

3DR Integrates With DJI Drones, Launches Enterprise Drone Platform


Documentary Storytelling with Solo

We recently sat down with Kelly Webster, the team’s post-production supervisor of all of our documentary style videos, to discuss […]

The Solo Controller Tips, Tricks & Technique

We designed the Solo controller specifically to make it as natural an experience to execute professional aerial cinema as it […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today marks the 108th observance of International Women’s Day. Today, we’re highlighting the work of the women drone pilots that […]

3DR Goes to Work: Announcing Site Scan, the premier software solution for aerial data aggregation and cloud analysis

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first dedicated enterprise platform. Site Scan is a powerful and fully-automated aerial […]

Free Aerial Photography EBook from 3DR

Want to learn how to shoot aerial stills? Want to shoot them better? Want to know what the pros know? […]

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3DR Presents: Colin Guinn, Free Drone Video Masterclass

Join us at 11am PST on Tuesday, March 22nd, for an in-depth seminar on getting the shot, led by one […]

Announcing Solo Update 2.1.0: Now adjust GoPro exposure value

If you couldn’t tell, we’re burning through a series of new features and updates. Last week we dropped the long-awaited […]

3DR, Solo And Free Look: The world’s first and best follow drones

Many drones have follow me. Solo does, too, but it’s by far — by far — the best and most sophisticated follow on the […]

Announcing The Solo Flight Simulator

You know how I know when it’s raining? My thumbs get itchy. Happens on long car rides, too. At airport […]

Solo For Photography — Interview on Drone Panorama and Photo Editing

I’m back with our regular series on aerial photography, this time interviewing one of our most proficient photo and video […]

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