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3DR Partners with Esri to Launch the ArcGIS Drone Collection

3DR is excited to announce we’ve expanded our partnership with Esri, the world’s leading geospatial software company, to create Esri’s new aerial imagery offering, The ArcGIS Drone Collection – a...

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Documentary Storytelling with Solo

We recently sat down with Kelly Webster, the team’s post-production supervisor of all of our documentary style videos, to discuss not only her approach and techniques in assembling and footage...

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The Solo Controller Tips, Tricks & Technique

We designed the Solo controller specifically to make it as natural an experience to execute professional aerial cinema as it is to navigate Starfox. Or Mario Kart. Or The Legend...

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today marks the 108th observance of International Women’s Day. Today, we’re highlighting the work of the women drone pilots that we’ve met along the way since our launch of Solo...

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3DR Goes to Work: Announcing Site Scan, the premier software solution for aerial data aggregation and cloud analysis

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first dedicated enterprise platform. Site Scan is a powerful and fully-automated aerial analytics platform — the complete, end-to-end solution for reality data capture and...

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Free Aerial Photography EBook from 3DR

Want to learn how to shoot aerial stills? Want to shoot them better? Want to know what the pros know? Want to give your Instagram followers TMJ from all the...

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3DR Presents: Colin Guinn, Free Drone Video Masterclass

Join us at 11am PST on Tuesday, March 22nd, for an in-depth seminar on getting the shot, led by one of the world’s foremost experts on aerial cinema, Colin Guinn....

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Announcing Solo Update 2.1.0: Now adjust GoPro exposure value

If you couldn’t tell, we’re burning through a series of new features and updates. Last week we dropped the long-awaited Solo flight simulator app (for iOS and Android), and the...

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3DR, Solo And Free Look: The world’s first and best follow drones

Many drones have follow me. Solo does, too, but it’s by far — by far — the best and most sophisticated follow on the market. Big claim. Now let me back it up. “Follow...

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Announcing The Solo Flight Simulator

You know how I know when it’s raining? My thumbs get itchy. Happens on long car rides, too. At airport gates. In long, dull, droning meetings. During the seventh inning...

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Solo For Photography — Interview on Drone Panorama and Photo Editing

I’m back with our regular series on aerial photography, this time interviewing one of our most proficient photo and video editors, Jon Mayo-Buttry about creating panoramas, workflow, photography, and his...