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Drone Download #10: Facebook’s big bet; SXSW; 3DR gets FAA exemption; the chicken cannon arms race

It’s that time of year again here in Austin: SXSW meets St. Patrick’s Day meets March Madness. (Please forgive typos.) Drones again are high on the media agenda, and we’ve...

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FAA Grants Exemptions for 3DR Drones, Opens Door for Industry Collaboration

On Friday the FAA granted Section 333 authorization for commercial use of 3DR drones to two companies, BNSF Railway and Build Imagery. The exemptions will not only allow these companies...

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Sneak Peek: The 3DR Spektre Industrial Inspection Drone

At Autodesk’s Real 2015 conference last month, 3DR provided a flight demo of a new versatile workhorse of drone we’re calling Spektre. (Some of you may have seen Chris Anderson’s...

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SHIFT: Computer Vision for Drones

Flying a drone has gotten pretty easy. Add the camera, though, and it quickly gets tricky. Perceptiv, a startup that rose out of the robotics engineering department at Canada’s Waterloo...

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The Drone Download: Google Drones Are a Go; Computer Vision and Mind Control; Shortcuts to an FAA License; Star Wars Drone Fleet Doubles

In the course of curating the Drone Download, it seems I come across a story or two every week that punt my reality horizon a few dozen clicks into the...

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GoPro Drone Aerial Photography: The Beginner’s Guide

Join our drone photography mailing list for weekly tips and tricks. Intimidated by drones? You’re not alone. Although there still aren’t a lot of resources that guide first-time pilots from...

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Drone Download #7: A Rival for Amazon; New Drone Privacy Law; Safer Fracking; Let’s Play ‘Mark Zuckerberg or a Cardigan’

Last week the drone industry and the media both scrambled to digest and analyze the surprise release of the FAA’s proposed drone laws — and as often happens, a ton of very...

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Drone Download #6: FAA Drone Laws; Kick a Google Dog Robot; World’s First Drone Circus

All-out media blitz on the drone industry this week following the long-awaited release of the FAA’s proposed regulations for integrating drones into the national airspace — which, it should be noted, was...

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Released: FAA’s Proposed Drone Laws

Last month 3DR’s own Colin Guinn testified in Congress on the topic of FAA regulation and the integration of small drones into the NAS. Just this morning the FAA released...