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US Drone Laws: How the FAA Stacks Up

Above: Informal chart comparing the regulatory policies that different countries have applied to commercial sUAS (drone) operation. Correction: This chart isn’t 3DR’s; it’s an informal guide provided by the Small...

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3DR Releases Tower Drone Control App, and 3DR Services, “The App Store for Drones”

We’re very excited to announce the release of our new open source flight control app, Tower. Tower not only extends the simple and feature-rich flight experience legacy of our DroidPlanner...

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Drone Download #5

This week the drone industry really got into the safety dance: Crash-proof drone wins million-dollar prize… purports to protect your private property… NASA gets sense-and-avoid right… White House crasher...

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Drone Download #4

“Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” — Bill Murray, Groundhog Day In the news: That White House drone crash is still making major headlines… In a PSA...

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Drone Download #3

Some absolutely crazy drone stories broke this week… In D.C., just days after a drone flew in a Congressional hearing, one crashed into the White House lawn, while another bearing...

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Drone Crashes on White House Lawn

The Secret Service reported yesterday morning that one of their agents “saw and heard” a quadcopter crash into the White House lawn in the pre-dawn hours. After the predictable conflicting...

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Colin Guinn Testifies in Congress: Why the FAA Should Integrate Small Drones Today

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin, AP This afternoon 3DR CRO Colin Guinn testified at a hearing held by the House of Representatives’ Science, Space and Technology Committee, laying out a strategy for...

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This Week’s Drone Download

Seems it’s early enough in the year that you can still detect a optimism bias in the media: This week saw several forward-thinking pieces about drone applications… Most tellingly, the...

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The First Drone Download

We’re excited to announce the release of our weekly newsletter, the Drone Download. Each week we curate a handful of the most interesting and informative stories and videos from around...

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The CES Report

We had an incredibly fun and successful week at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas and dominated by drones. 3DR eschewed the traditional approach to the...