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Drones and the NFL & Taiwan & the Moons of Jupiter & Firefighting & Russian Calligraphers & Literally Hundreds of Sharks

Question of the week The winning sensationalist headline from last week came through SUASNews (h/t Gary Mortimer): “Four planes have been involved in fatal near misses with drones at major British...

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Introducing Life After Gravity: An original sci-fi series from 3DR, shot entirely on Solo and GoPro

The industrial slabs of Hong Kong. A ceremonial center in the Mexican jungle. Science. Anti-science. Teleportation. Goons. Opposing forces. A menacing international space agency. A Type III alien civilization. An...

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Solo: All about Cable cam

Solo’s most compelling feature? Smart Shots. They go beyond just automatic copter control — something 3DR’s had years of experience in — to automate the entire process of capturing a smooth shot, including dynamic...

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Drones and the Kremlin & Robot Dogs & Space-X & Rwanda & A Rope Bridge & The Word “Papal”

Question of the week The discussion on last week’s blog was a particularly vibrant one. Thanks to all of you who contributed. The creation of reasonable drone privacy laws will become...

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The (Disputed!) Principles of Flight

Whatever you want to call them — drones, UAVs, sUAS, flying robots, flying cameras, quadcopters, quadrotors — they fly. So we figured some of you might want to know exactly what’s going on while...

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Solo Tips for New Users

We made Solo smart not only so it can do more, but also so you have to do less. “Less,” however, doesn’t mean “nothing.” Flying any drone can be tricky — and...

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Drones and Privacy Law and Dubai and Robotic Legs and Fashion Week and Pigeon Shoot Lawsuits

Question of the week This week Jerry Brown, governor of California, vetoed SB 142, a controversial drone privacy bill. First, thanks to those of you who stood with us in opposition...

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Announcing the 3DR Development Guide for Solo

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the official 3DR Development Guide for Solo. This is a huge first step in introducing developers to the 3DR platform and...

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Brown Vetoes California Drone Law

This week California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 142, a bill that would have prohibited all drone flights below 350 feet over private property. We stood with drone makers and...

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Drones and Game of Thrones and California and Swarm Man and Nigerian Oil Thieves and a Monk Sunbathing atop a Rhode Island Wind Turbine

Question of the week Apologies for the recent gap in Downloads. Took a vacation and have just now returned. Just in time, too, because last week the California state legislature passed...