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Drones and garbage fights and license plates and microwaves and tractors and t-shirts and Machu Picchu

Question of the week Manitoba wheat farmer Matt Reimer has turned a tractor into a fully-autonomous drone using a Pixhawk, ArduRover and his own ingenuity. Matt’s innovation has saved him more...

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The Solo Gimbal: Turn moments into movies

For the former settlement in California, see Gimbal, California. Gimbals are by no means a new technology: The gyroscopic device has been in use since ancient times to keep objects...

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Solo App Update: About the new 1.1.0 release

We’re happy to announce the release of the latest and greatest update of the Solo app, for both iOS and Android — release 1.1.0. While this update isn’t necessary for Solo to...

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Don’t Play with Fire: Ground your drone so firefighters can do their job

This summer has been one of the worst wildfire seasons for much of the U.S.: California, Hawaii, Texas, North Carolina and half a dozen other states have seen blazes. Five...

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Another Solo Gimbal Update: Now Shipping!

Hi everyone — here’s a big (and good!) status update on the Solo Gimbal. The gimbal production pilot is finished and mass production has begun! This means units will be leaving the...

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This Week: Drones and bears and eagles and dolphins and mosquitos and birdstrike and Google and cyanide

Question of the week This week the California state legislature is holding hearings on drone safety. The hearings are being held in conjunction with the introduction of a new drone trespass...

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Drones and volcanic eruptions, whale snot, ambulances, sound cannons, Burning Man, and a burning man

Question of the week As of last week, the FAA has approved more than 1,000 commercial drone permits. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of these permits have gone to small businesses,...

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Drones and shotguns, medicine, blood, Mars, wild animals, internet lasers, Pakistan, movies, marijuana, Facebook and bitcoin

Question of the week Admittedly, the rhetoric of drone rights advocacy sometimes does coincide with Second Amendment rights advocacy — “the responsibility lies with the user,” etc. But recently the two have...

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Solo Gimbal Update

For this post, we want to let you inside 3DR by providing a look into the overall management process for a product like the gimbal. In the past we’ve focused...

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FAA: Wildfires and Drones Don’t Mix

In response to the recent reports of drones interfering with aerial firefighting operations combatting wildfires in California, the FAA issued a press release yesterday. The gist of it supports the...