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First drone delivery in US; Uber drones drop ice cream; the handgun drone saga; Sir Patrick Stewart sees the future and it’s whale snot

Question of the week This week saw articles titled like “Seven ways drones are ruining everything” and “The dark side of drones” (from Fortune, no less), not to mention the bizarre,...

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3DR in Fast Company: The future of drones emerges

Our CEO Chris Anderson sits down with Fast Company to discuss how Solo marks a paradigm shift for the drone industry: “The first phase of our little adventure was getting...

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This Week: Drones at Comic-Con; world’s best drone photos; R2D2 takes flight; drones at the Golden Gate

Question of the week Each week this newsletter curates (hopefully) some of the most interesting drone stories from around the world. But at 3DR, our mission statement is “Help people see...

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Drones Help Pave a New Path to the Golden Gate Bridge

Five years ago construction began on San Francisco’s billion-dollar Presidio Parkway project. This weekend, following a monumental effort by construction crews that included shutting down a critical stretch of freeway,...

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Solo Gimbal Update: The stress test shake

Good news! The Solo Gimbal has entered the stress test phase. Enjoy the antics below. And no change on shipping: Still targeting the end of July!

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How to Edit Great Drone Video: A tip sheet

Here are some pro video editing tips we’ve gathered over many years of developing and shooting on various drone platforms. First, remember that the GoPro video editing process begins with...

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This week: NASA’s Mars drone; largest-ever humanitarian drone effort; Mexico rising; drone on the Fourth of July

Question of the week This week Atlanta, Georgia, banned the use of drones within city limits. They cited the helipad at the governor’s mansion as one reason: Since per the...

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The Backpack for Solo: Pack and unpack Solo in less than a minute

When we say we designed Solo to provide the best possible user experience for aerial video, we mean the entire experience of owning and using a drone. As fliers and...

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New Solo Update

This week we’ve rolled out some important updates that will go a long way toward making your Solo experience even more smooth and easy. This includes updates for both Solo...

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This Week: Drone versus shotgun; FAA versus NFL; robobees versus pollen; Tom Cruise versus drones; all of us versus that fake viral video

Question of the week Shotguns. Snoops. Surveillance. So many stories in recent weeks have been calling attention to the public’s growing skepticism of drone technology. As a company on the advancing...