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More News about the Solo Gimbal!

Hello from China! Well, I’m writing this from an office in Palo Alto, but the news comes from the team in the factory in Guangzhou. The gimbal is making good...

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This Week: FAA promises drone laws next year; new world record for longest flight; the “abortion drone”; spread the word — this is a fake video

Question of the week The big news this week came out of Congress: The FAA testified that drone regulations “will be in place within a year.” This means that, even though...

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Sarah Marquis in the Australian Outback: Starvation, drones, and the philosophy of movement

This week, Swiss survivalist and adventurer Sarah Marquis shouldered her rucksack and her 3DR drone and disappeared alone into the region of unforgiving Australian bush known as the Kimberley. With...

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Inside 3DR: A look at the gimbal development process

At 3DR we are big believers in open — both in terms of software development and in terms of communication with our community. We’ve lately been hearing lots of questions about the...

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This Week: Google and Microsoft want to use drones to save lives; man attacks drone with shirt; the world’s smallest gimbal; that’s too many sharks

Question of the Week This week, the global “Drones for Good” competition, hosted by the UAE, announced it has started accepting applications for its second annual contest, the winner of which...

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Solo: Open for development

3DR is proud to announce that we’re opening the source code for the Solo flight controller. Solo is a consumer product, aimed at simplifying the process of getting great aerial...

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The Solo App: A walkthrough of menus and features

Here’s what the Solo app’s menus offer (both iOS and Android), how to navigate them, and how to access Solo’s advanced settings and features. The App Home Screen You have...

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Chris Anderson Talks Solo and the Future of Drones on CBS This Morning

3DR’s CEO Chris Anderson sat down today with CBS This Morning to discuss Solo, aerial moviemaking and the future of drones. He pointed out that in this golden age of...

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The Solo App: Easy Does It

I still think people — myself included — look a little ridiculous on our smartphones, staring down vacantly at the truly phenomenal feats of evolutionary engineering that are our thumbs, which we now send...

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Drone Safety: What you should know before you fly

It’s getting easier and easier to fly drones — or, like with Solo, to have the drones fly themselves. This is good news for a number of reasons: More people can enjoy...