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3DR’s CEO Chris Anderson sat down today with CBS This Morning to discuss Solo, aerial moviemaking and the future of drones.

He pointed out that in this golden age of personal storytelling, Solo’s technology makes it easy for anyone to tell their own epic stories from the air. “The real transformation is that it used to require skill to do this, and now it doesn’t — you push a button, you get the shot.”

Chris also discusses the hot-button issues of safety, privacy and the “mass jackassery” concomitant to the proliferation of consumer drones. That is, it used to require skills to fly a drone, but now that they’re getting easier, the users have less experience and less skill — this means that we as an industry need to lead the way and make sure people know the ins and outs before they take off. Turns out that we can do a lot of this advocacy and education through software. Or, as Chris put it, “We can’t rely on self-regulation to stop the bad guys, but we can help stop the good guys from doing bad things by mistake.”

Watch the full interview here.