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We’re very excited to announce the hiring of Colin Guinn as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, who brings to 3D Robotics his more than six years’ experience in aerial photography and component design.

Colin Guinn Prior to 3DR

Prior to joining 3DR, Colin Guinn founded the North American branch of DJI, where he served as CEO of North American operations. He worked with DJI to develop the industry’s first stabilized camera platform and later the industry’s first ready-to-fly consumer drone (the Phantom). Before his tenure at DJI, Colin started Build|Design|Print in 2006, which specialized in producing aerial photography, marketing material, and websites for ultra-luxury homebuilders. Realizing the pressing need for aerial photography in real estate, Colin built custom radio-controlled helicopters and specialized gimbals, which led to the creation of an aerial cinematography company, Avean Media. At Avean, Colin grew to become one of the world’s top UAV flight and design experts.

Colin is unique to the aerial cinematography world in that he understands the technology at a granular, engineering level, yet can explain it in a simple and digestible way. National press around Colin continues to mount, and he’s sure to help usher the industry into its maturation phase with 3DR.

As SVP of Sales and Marketing, Colin will be responsible for strategic development of new 3DR products as well as for global sales and marketing.

He and his creative team are based in our Austin, TX, offices, where Colin lives with his family.