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Since launching Site Scan integration with the Sony R10C camera almost five months ago, we’ve enjoyed seeing how our customers from the construction, engineering, and surveying industries use Site Scan to collect better site data to save time and money on their projects. As a result of your feedback over the past few months, we’re delighted to introduce some new features that will make data collection even easier with Site Scan.

Automated oblique image capture for enhanced 3D models

We heard and saw first-hand that users of Site Scan preferred to fly the drone autonomously, with flight planning, take-off, photo capture, and landing all done with barely any effort on the part of the operator. At the same time, a survey created with all nadir (straight-down) images from survey mode lacked the information needed to create super-detailed 3D models. With our new capture settings, there are no more trade-offs. You can now choose the gimbal angle (direction the camera points) as the drone autonomously surveys the site.

To help you understand the best angle for any site, we created this reference below:

An example of a 3D mesh created using oblique images.

Multi-battery surveys cover larger areas with less work

We also heard from many of you that sometimes your site is too large to collect all of the necessary images with a single battery. To improve this experience, you can now select the large area you’d like to survey and Site Scan will calculate a flight path, take off, and land before the battery is depleted. You can then replace the battery, and Site Scan will take off and continue the mission.

Wondering approximately how many batteries your site will require per survey? Use this handy chart below:


More New Features

  • You can now use ESRI basemaps, including a topographic map, to plan your surveys.
  • You can now manually control overlap and sidelap in “Advanced Survey Settings”.
  • You can now fly as low as 100 feet, which mean you can get to a ground sampling distance of .25 inch / pixel
  • In Site Scan Manager, you can now view contours and toggle image icons on and off.