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Some absolutely crazy drone stories broke this week…

In D.C., just days after a drone flew in a Congressional hearing, one crashed into the White House lawn, while another bearing 6 lbs of meth went down in Mexico… Those brilliant nuts at NASA are gonna put drones on another planet… FAA finally settled their beef with beloved Black Sheep antihero Raphael Pirker… Global UAV market projections are out, and they’re big… In Dubai, a million bucks will go to the best “drone for good” project… Unrelated: recreational drones shut down Dubai airport…

Whew — catch up if you can!

The House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a hearing about integrating drones into the National Airspace — and they called 3DR’s Colin Guinn among others. It was also the first time a drone was flown in Congress. Here’s a good breakdown of the arguments. (Global Post)

And here’s our breakdown of Colin’s arguments.

Elsewhere in D.C., a small drone crashed into the White House lawn. The Washington Post offered a refreshing and sensible take — in short, the threat small drones pose to the President is actually insanely small.

Mules in the sky: A drone carrying 6 lbs of meth crashed in Mexico, just shy of the U.S. border. (Vice)

And what do the White House and meth have in common? Well… when it comes to drones, privacy and safety, turns out it’s a whole lot.

File under “hell yeah”: NASA is testing drones that could one day fly on Mars. (The Verge)

Our big-hearted friends at ConservationDrones are using drones in Jane Goodall’s stomping grounds to monitor orangutans. (Scientific American)

For the investor in us all, here are the Global UAV Market projections, 2015–2025. Our advice*? Buy. (Digital Journal)

The FAA and Raphael Pirker finally settle the first commercial drone lawsuit for $1100 — about ten percent of the original fine. Pirker’s counsel calls the outcome “favorable.” (UAS Magazine)

For our neighbors to the north: Here’s how to legally fly a drone in Canada. (Calgary Herald)

PBS Newshour has been digging deep into drones: This week, five ways that drones could change the way America eats.

On the heels of that Congressional hearing, OK GO held a free concert in D.C. — free to everyone except Feds. (Washington Post) And ICYMI, here’s the band’s latest mindblowing music video, all one continuous drone shot. Is it me, or do they look kind of tired after what was surely dozens of takes?

No losers here: Next week, the UAE will give away a cool million dollars in their Drones for Good competition. (CNET)

But maybe not so fast, guys — recreational drone flights shut down the Dubai airport this week. (USA Today)

And last but not least, this drone can fly and walk. (Popular Mechanics)

*Not legal. Pay no heed.