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“Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” — Bill Murray, Groundhog Day

In the news: That White House drone crash is still making major headlines… In a PSA with a distinct after-school flavor, the FAA declares the Super Bowl a “#NoDroneZone”… Fireworks: A drone that shoots roman candles, and a Rand Paul that shoots drones… Two amazing aerial narratives: Auschwitz and Hong Kong… Here are all the leads from this week:

The New York Times looks into the details of White House drone crash. Shocker: It was a flyaway. This article finally brings that problem to the public .

Who really owns your drone? Check out this provocative think piece addressing the issues raised by DJI’s response to the White House crash. (The Guardian)

The FAA finally discovers Twitter. Unrelated: The FAA launches #NoDroneZone campaign in advance of Super Bowl. (Time)

Looks like FAA regulations may address small drones after all. This is good news for us: It means it’s likely there won’t be blanket regulations that lump an IRIS+ in with a 55-lb. multicopter. (Forbes)

Good read: a fascinating look into the history of bird strike and the implications for small drone regulations: “The smaller classes of birds documented there (those the size of sparrows or gulls) rarely cause aviation fatalities. Indeed, the FAA’s database, which records incidents back to 1990, lists only three fatal accidents attributed to small or medium-size birds, and a deeper examination of those three accidents casts considerable doubt on whether a collision with smallish birds really caused two of the three.” (IEEE Spectrum)

Young, dumb and fun: Some kids mod a drone to shoot fireworks. Attn everybody: Please don’t do this again.

In a clip from his Snapchat interview, Rand Paul fires back: “Drones should only be used according to the Constitution, but if they fly over my house, they better beware because I’ve got a shotgun.” (CNN)

Three BBC journalists were detained in Switzerland for sending a drone over a no-fly zone at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The BBC, which has a permit to fly in the UK, faces a fine over the incident. (Forbes)

But here’s what the BBC gets you: Haunting drone video shows Auschwitz as it is today, on the 70th anniversary of liberation.

This 10 km chocolate bar delivery stunt took 10 months to plan and execute. Hong Kong looks gorgeous, like a 3D model. (sUAS News)

This drone can film from the air and underwater. (The Daily Mail)

Bandwagon update: Tiger Woods’ old bag sponsor is now in the drone-making business. (CBS Sports)