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This week the drone industry really got into the safety dance: Crash-proof drone wins million-dollar prize… purports to protect your private property… NASA gets sense-and-avoid right… White House crasher faces criminal charges… Plus: Check out Apple’s new spaceship campus, a lethal volcanic lake and, yes, 3DR’s latest flight control software, Tower.

Here are the links that matter:

Drones for good: Crash-proof search-and-rescue drone carries away $1M in the UAE’s “Drones for Good” contest. (Engadget)

Drones for geeks: Watch this DIY Millennium Falcon drone take to the skies (The Verge), and Star Wars-style hover racing in the snowy Bronx (VICE Motherboard).

Closer to home, here’s another great drone done good story: Drone specifically credited with containing fire in Georgia plant.

Samsung creates drone, robotics and VR lab to supplement the company’s ongoing research with Facebook and Oculus Rift. (The Guardian)

Singapore didn’t learn the lesson of the TGI Friday’s mistletoe drone: The city-state is currently testing drone waiters to help fill an estimated 7,000 empty food and beverage industry jobs. (BBC)

Protect your private property with — a number of small drone firms have signed on, but not DJI or 3DR. (TechCrunch)

…But maybe DJI should reconsider? DJI rolls back a buggy software update that would have made D.C. a no-fly zone for Phantoms. (TechCrunch)

And speaking of that White House flyaway: White House drone crasher faces charges, both criminal and from the FAA, but hopes to escape by claiming technological malfunction. (NY Times)

In other news, the White House crash has been a windfall for smart and progressive commentary: “Rather than highlighting the actual dangers of drone flight, the White House crash-landing is a better illustration of the hodgepodge, almost backward set of rules governing the drone industry in the United States.” (NY Times)

Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon, is experimenting with delivery drones. They’ll carry packets of ginger tea to 450 customers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. (CNN)

VIDEO: The best drone’s-eye view yet of Apple’s new HQ, posted on AppleInsider with commentary by Daniel Eran Dilger. (Fortune)

VIDEO: This volcano creates its own weather system, with a near-perpetual storm of acidic rain that nearly made this incredible video impossible. (Yahoo News)

This week 3DR launched Tower, our new flight control app. Tower offers developers a new way to add features for drones without having to design and build a drone that flies. (TechCrunch)

And to extend the smartphone analogy: We’ve built the phone, now bring on the apps! Here are six awesome drone apps — including, yes, a No Fly Zone map. (Robotics Trends)

Irony, thick: Guy crashes drone while teaching drone safety. (Gizmodo)

Guess this covers “something new”: Drone delivers wedding proposal to Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). (The Gaurdian)

Check out this fascinating and expansive portal dedicated to understanding drones through art — videos, articles, interviews and visuals. (Center for the Study of the Drone)

And finally, more steps towards the holy grail: NASA and FAA conduct successful sense-and-avoid tests. (UAS Magazine)