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In every enterprise drone program, there’s a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

You have vehicles to monitor and maintain, batteries to charge, and a team of pilots to lead. As you add drones to your fleet and expand to more projects, this can quickly become a hassle, especially on the software end: you shouldn’t have to use one tool for flying, processing and analyzing drone data, and another tool for managing drones, cameras, and pilots.

That’s why we’re introducing fleet management, a central dashboard in Site Scan that makes it easier than ever for you to manage and scale your drone operations. With our fleet management capability, you can automatically track flight data for every drone, battery, and camera, along with each pilot that flies Site Scan. Then, you can view and analyze all of this data in our cloud-based dashboard, just a click away from your drone maps and models.

Fleet management makes it easier than ever for you to monitor and maintain your drone operations—and get visibility into your vehicle and pilot activity across your entire company—no matter where you are. For larger, multi-state programs at companies such as PCL Construction, Arcadis, and Kimley-Horn, for example, this single platform gives them complete oversight of their drone operations, helps manage risk and compliance, and makes it easy to identify any problems with their fleet early that need to be fixed. 

How it works

Just click the ‘Fleet’ tab in Site Scan, and you can see all of the drones and batteries that your organization uses. In the vehicles tab, you’ll see a list of vehicles flown, their total flights, last pilot, and most recent flight:

Each vehicle also has its own page, where you can view its flight count, total flight time, model and flight controller serial number, and more.

In the batteries tab, you can view every battery used, total flights, capacity, any warning messages, and their most recent flight:

Looking ahead

Fleet management is another step in our journey to build the complete, enterprise-level drone software platform for construction, engineering, and mining teams. This is just the beginning—we’re working on adding more fleet management capabilities in the near future, such as:

• Pilot profiles: view individual profiles of your pilots, and see what date their remote pilot certification is valid until

• View drone registration and insurance expiration dates

• Making it easier to unlock no-fly zones through DJI

Fleet management is included as part of every Site Scan subscription. To learn more about Site Scan and get a free web demonstration, set up a consultation with our drone technology experts.

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