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Reid Carlberg is a developer evangelist for Salesforce. Last week he posted a pretty crazy hack on his blog: How to use Salesforce to pilot a fleet of drones. Through some clever networking, Reid was able to control the takeoff and landing of two drones from one mobile Salesforce app. (More complicated than it sounds: Check out his full “command center.”)

Reid’s been programming since the eighth grade, when he used a 16-bit computer and a printer terminal to generate his own D&D characters. The D&D went the way of acne and Velcro, but computers have been a part of his life ever since. Reid’s quick to acknowledge his corporate pedigree, but just like those who count themselves members of the maker movement, he lives for “the feeling of creating something that wasn’t there before.”

Reid didn’t get hands-on with drones until last year, when he ran a Connected Device Lab for a Salesforce conference. And admittedly he’s still feeling out the practicality of his Salesforce-drone connection. The metaphor, though, is what really seems to appeal to him. “This community of makers,” he said, in a reference to 3D Robotics and DIY Drones, “they can teach modern enterprises a lot about how awesome the future can be — and modern enterprises can help amplify the impact of their creative work in really interesting ways. Right now, there’s not a lot of ‘cross talk,’ and there are cultural barriers to effective cooperation. I’d love to make a positive impact in this area.”

Reid made the entire Salesforce drone process and schematics available here.