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In response to the recent reports of drones interfering with aerial firefighting operations combatting wildfires in California, the FAA issued a press release yesterday. The gist of it supports the message the firefighters themselves have been delivering, a message we also want to broadcast: If you fly, we can’t.

From the release: “Often a temporary flight restriction (TFR) is put in place around wildfires to protect firefighting aircraft. No one other than the agencies involved in the firefighting effort can fly any manned or unmanned aircraft in such a TFR. Anyone who violates a TFR and endangers the safety of manned aircraft could be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. Even if there is no TFR, operating a UAS could still pose a hazard to firefighting aircraft and would violate Federal Aviation Regulation.”

At 3DR, we can’t say this strongly enough: Don’t fly anywhere near these wildfires. Even if it seems like you’re in an isolated area, you may be interfering with operations and not know it.

To read the full press release, click here.