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How can commercial drones help save endangered rhinos in South Africa? Chris Miser, owner of Falcon UAV, has the answer.

Falcon UAV just completed field tests in Namibia to demonstrate how commercial drones can support conservation and anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, and funded by a Google Global Impact Award, the WWF’s remit was to launch a Wildlife Crime Technology Project.

Equipped with 3DR APM autopilot and Mission Planner software, Falcon UAV completed a series of rigorous field tests in at the Olifants West Game Reserve and the Karongwe Game Reserve, including night flights and autonomous aerial photography missions. With assistance from the 3DR engineering team, Falcon used 3DR-powered aircraft to track giraffes, rhinos, elephants and other indigenous species.

This video demonstrates how UAV-based aerial imaging will be used to protect endangered wildlife in South Africa.

Feature photo credit: WWF-Namibia