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In a recent blog post by Forbes technology contributor Rakesh Sharma, Rakesh discusses how more and more tech-savvy farmers are embracing the use of civilian drones.

Rakesh spent an afternoon with the 3DR team to learn more about how this emerging technology is being adopted for use in agriculture. He spoke with Brandon Basso, senior R&D engineer (pictured below), who said: “We want [farmers] to use drones the same way they use their other farming equipment.”

Drones can help farmers measure and monitor the health of their crops, substituting a costly one-size-fits-all approach with a precision agriculture model. In other words, farmers can use aerial imaging and infrared mapping to identify unhealthy or diseased crops. This enables them to tailor their use of irrigation and pesticides to the areas that need it. Not only is this more economical, but it’s also more environmentally friendly.

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