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Looking for some live drone action? Head down to San Diego on Saturday, Dec. 7, to join the fun at the Mini-Maker Faire at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. 3D Robotics will be sponsoring a booth, so be sure to stop by and meet the team. The 3DR flight ops team will also be performing live demos of our autonomous copters and rovers.

“Maker Fair is where DIY fans gather from all over the world to show off their creations,” says Joseph Aletky, director of flight operations for 3DR (pictured below). “We are honored to demonstrate our autonomous vehicles. As active members of DIY Drones, the largest online DIY UAV community in the world, we always feel right at home at Maker events.”

If you’re looking to skip the ticket line, why not volunteer? You’ll get a behind-the-scenes view and help support the Maker Movement. Click here for information.