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How Four Ecologists Spent 72 Hours to Prevent Wildlife Poaching in South Asia

We are always delighted to share news about the great work our friends over at conservationdrones.org are undertaking to support ecological study and endangered habitat preservation using UAV technology.

While many of us were hitting the malls in search of last-minute holiday gifts, the Conservation Drones team embarked on a 72-hour drone challenge with the goal of building ten working drones, powered by 3DR autopilots and wireless data technology, for the Worldwide Fund for Nature. As always, the team achieved their ambitious goal with passion to spare.

“We spent two days completing the builds and another day to flight-test their aircraft,” said Dr. Lian Pin Koh, one of conservationdrones.org’s founders and directors. “These drones will be going to Nepal, India and Thailand to help capture aerial footage and assist with anti-poaching applications.”

Get a behind-the-scenes view of how the Conservation Drones team spent three days building and testing drones to prevent wildlife poaching in South Asia.


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