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DroneCon 2014 was an incredible event! From the presentations to the sharing of ideas and feeling all the encouragement, energy, and support that ripple throughout our extraordinary global community, it was a success in every regard.

So today, we’re excited to announce the release of, your home for all things Con!

For the uninitiated, the primary goal of DroneCon is to bring together developers, participants, hackers, academics, and makers from the DIY Drones, 3D Robotics, and Ardupilot communities, and to offer your chance to hear the lead developers discuss their work over the past year in open source autonomous vehicles. On the new site we’ll be posting videos of this year’s talks, so that those of you who couldn’t make it can still access the material, and those who attended can revisit it. You can also check out the bios and the abstracts from all of our presenters, and stay in the loop as DroneCon 2015 takes shape. Yes, we’re already thinking of next year!

Once again, thanks to all the attendees and contributors who made this year’s event so memorable! And if you couldn’t make it this year, we look forward to seeing you in 2015 — but for now, enjoy the site!