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3DR is partnering with Autodesk and Case Technologies to offer an unprecedented educational workshop experience in the Tuscan medieval city of Volterra focused on reality capture, city planning and archeology.

This workshop will provide the participants hands-on experience in using 3DR Site Scan, cameras, and laser scanners to capture the city and some of its treasured artworks as digital models. The workshop will be led by subject matter specialists from Autodesk and Case Technologies and will take place in the Tuscany region of Italy at the Volterra International Residential College on October 10–22.

This is a unique opportunity for architects, city planners, and archaeologists to learn hands-on about these new and innovative technologies while collaboratively producing digital replicas of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Reality capture activities will be conducted on models of every size and are divided into 3 different levels:


1) City level

Participants will capture and model the entire medieval city within the town walls with 3DR Site Scan and processed into 3D textured, mesh models using Autodesk ReCap 360. The models will be compiled into an overall city model and combined with other features such as terrain, roadway and waterways obtained from GIS sources using Autodesk InfraWorks 360 technology. Potential uses for the end product would be a contextual model for city planning to utilize for new and retrofit projects, virtual tours for city public relations, tourism, historical documentation and research.


2) Building level

Participants will capture and model the Volterra International Residential College building into detailed point clouds using laser-scanning technology. Point clouds are processed into a model using Autodesk ReCap technology and linked into Autodesk Revit software to construct a detailed Building Information Model (BIM). This model will serve as a detailed virtual replica of the International Residential College facility and will be used by the Volterra-Detroit Foundation Management for maintenance and operations, future renovation projects, and for public relations purposes.


3) Object level

Significant and ancient works of art and sculpture housed at the Museum Guarnacci and various building ornamentations throughout the city will be photographically captured with high-resolution DSLR cameras and processed into 3D textured mesh models using Autodesk ReCap 360 and ReMake photogrammetric technology. Potential uses for the end product models would be virtual art exhibits, historical documentation, research and preservation, 3D printing of physical replicas, etc.

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