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Looking to start building on the new Dronecode PX4 1.6 stack? Now, with Pixhawk Mini, you finally can.

At 60% of the size of the original Pixhawk and with improved sensors and an included GPS module, Mini is the smallest Pixhawk autopilot you can buy while still rivalling its big brothers in power. Designed specifically for PX4, Mini is designed to be especially easy to use with quadcopters: it has an integrated four-motor power distribution board and power supply module, which enables small and efficient installations with small quadcopters.

Need an autopilot for larger multicopters, planes, autonomous cars, or boats? Mini has an 8 channel output board to support them, in addition to a digital airspeed sensor to handle long I2C cables. The improved power module also handles 4s and 6s batteries reliably. And it has new performance sensors not available in the Pixhawk 1 or Pixfalcon, as well as an added CAN bus for modern accessories.

Pixhawk Mini is designed for the pro-grade Dronecode PX4 software, including one-click installation with QGroundControl (compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android). It’s also now supported by the popular open source ArduPilot code, version 3.5 and beyond.

For more about the Pixhawk Mini’s features, technical specs, and to buy online for just $199 on Amazon.