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Want to know what it’s like to work at the advancing edge of the drone industry? Our Austin team put together this artful video to introduce you to 3D Robotics through the stories of the people who work here. We want to give you a sense of our company culture, our people, and their attitudes and beliefs, and to inspire you to join us in the fun and exciting new world of creating flying robots.

The Austin team, 3DR’s marketing and video production unit, are new employees themselves, so the production of this video doubled as their own sort of introduction: They got to see us, and we got to see what they can do. Walker Walmus, 3DR’s new Art Director, said, “We got a great sense of who our coworkers are, how intelligent and driven they all are. Everyone seemed excited to tell their story. It was a great introduction to our counterparts.”

All aerials taken with 3DR products, compiled by our 3DR flight ops teams.