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We’ve just published our latest eBook: How to Build an Enterprise Drone Program.


Large organizations—from ENR 400 firms to government agencies like state DOT’s—are looking to use drones on more of their projects.

Organizations of this size have some unique concerns. For example: how can they standardize drone operations across jobsites, share data with hundreds of people, and do so in a way that’s secure and easy to manage?

We’ve worked directly with industry leaders like PCL Construction and PARIC to help answer these questions and successfully build their enterprise drone programs. Now, we’re sharing our key insights with you in our latest eBook, a 25-page PDF filled with best practices and guiding principles to help you scale your own drone operations.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

Scalability: How to grow and manage drone operations and flights across multiple projects

Sharing: How to best give key stakeholders—clients, subcontractors, VDC teams, field personnel, and more—access to your drone maps and models

Security: How to store your data safely and securely—especially for government or confidential projects—and ensure you’re compliant with flight laws

It also includes exclusive interviews with VDC leaders from PCL Construction and PARIC, who share what they’ve learned by making drone data accessible to their whole team.

Grab your free copy and enjoy!

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