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Drone surveys can help improve traditional survey methods in a simple way: they can collect millions of points, not just dozens, in a fraction of the time. This sheer amount of drone data can be overwhelming, though: how can it be properly managed, analyzed, and used to make good decisions?

To help make this easier, today we’re announcing two new features in Site Scan Manager: Compare Jobs and Enhanced Overlays.

Compare Jobs

Many of our customers fly their drone on-site multiple times per week, frequently collecting up-to-date data and tracking progress. Now, with Compare Jobs, it’s possible to go back in time on any project, put two orthomosaics side-by-side, and analyze the difference with an interactive slider:

Compare Jobs

Need to verify work done by subcontractors, or ensure that important objects were placed correctly? Compare Jobs is perfect for that. There’s a timeline just below the main toolbar that automatically reflects the number of jobs in a project, making it easy to choose dates to review:


PDF Overlay

The ability to overlay design files on top of an orthomosaic is one of the most powerful features in Site Scan. Today, we’re making it even better: now, in addition to CAD files, Site Scan users can upload a PDF file of their design file, georeference it in a couple clicks, and overlay it to spot any issues or discrepancies that need to be fixed.

We chose a vector file format, PDF, so your design and plan files can be resized and viewed without losing resolution. Raster files, such as PNGs and JPGs, have a fixed number of pixels and will lose resolution when resized. Our goal is to provide simple, powerful workflows without sacrificing the quality of your designs when they are overlaid on your orthomosaics.

Project stakeholders—owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and more—typically keep their design files as PDFs. They reference these files on a daily basis, but when it comes to reviewing the designs on a PDF to what’s actually being built on-site, the differences can be significant. Drone data can help bridge the gap between design and reality, and PDF overlay is an important step towards that.


Looking for a Site Scan demo? Speak with one of our specialists—contact us to set up a meeting.

Both of these features are now live on Site Scan Manager, so log in today to try them out. For more information, check out the knowledge base articles for Compare Jobs and PDF Overlay.