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Today, we’re excited to introduce two new features in Site Scan Manager. First, Volume Visualizer helps you calculate more precise stockpile volumes by viewing your measurements in 3D. Second, Merge Jobs allows you to combine photos and data from two separate flights, helping create more detailed data products from multiple flight modes.

Volume Visualizer

When calculating volume data, there’s one thing you need to be sure of: precision. Using the polygon tool for volume measurements (shown above on the left), it’s important to define a precise area and avoid covering any parts that might affect your calculation.

That’s why today, in an industry first, we’re adding a new dimension to the volume measurement tool in Site Scan. Now, based on the area you select with the polygon tool, you can inspect your stockpile and view it in 3D.

This allows for a whole new way to measure stockpiles, trenches, and more: the 3D model gives you a better sense of what area your polygon covers, and what it doesn’t. The result? More precise volume measurements than ever before.

3D Volume Measurement Viewer

Merge Jobs

Every Site Scan flight creates a new, unique job with all the photos that you collected. Sometimes, though, you’d prefer these photos to be in a single job, not separate ones. That’s why we built the merge jobs feature, which allows you to quickly combine multiple jobs into one—this enables you to process larger orthomosaics and combine multiple flight modes to create more detailed data products.

Merge Jobs


Both of these features are now live on Site Scan Manager, so customers can log in today and start using them. Looking for a Site Scan demo? Contact us to speak with a specialist.