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Valuable infrastructure—from bridges to dams, cell towers to solar panels—requires frequent and accurate inspections to spot issues and maintain quality. The problem with on-the-ground inspection, though, is that it can be time-consuming, costly, and dangerous for field crews trying to capture hard-to-reach areas.

Our vision is that drones can transform the way construction, engineering, and mining professionals monitor their most important assets. While field teams stay safe on the ground, drones can be their eye in the sky, taking high-resolution photographs and going places that would be otherwise impossible to access.

Today, we’re excited to make this a reality: introducing Inspect Mode, the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way to capture what matters to your business.

With Inspect Mode, you finally have a way to capture high-resolution, geotagged photos of critical infrastructure and assets. It enables you to fly your Site Scan unit manually, using a telephoto lens on our 20.1 megapixel Sony R10C camera, the best camera in the sky. You can zoom in and capture close-up images to monitor ongoing construction and send progress updates, identify issues before they get too costly to fix, and store photos for compliance and further analysis.

The addition of this flight mode makes Site Scan the complete solution for using drones as an inspection tool: it offers easy-to-use flight controls, multi-battery missions, a high-resolution camera, cloud-based storage and management, and an intuitive user experience to tie all of this together.

The use cases are endless—for example, you can also use Inspect Mode to generate unique marketing materials, such as the view from the penthouse of a new apartment building before breaking ground.

How does it work?

The workflow is simple: set your takeoff and return altitudes, and then  use the  Site Scan joystick to fly the drone manually, assisted by GPS. You can adjust the gimbal angle to take photos from the top down, at an angle, or directly facing an object or building. Need to get a better look at something on your site? You can easily zoom in to take close-up photos, and then view them in detail in Site Scan Manager.

Learn more about how the Arizona DOT used drones to speed up a bridge replacement project

Our goal with Site Scan is to make it easy for you to capture every part of the infrastructure and assets that matter to your business, so you can better manage them. Now that you can fly with Inspect Mode, Site Scan can give you a better view of your projects than ever before.

Want to see how it works, along with the rest of Site Scan? Get a free demo from one of our product specialists—they’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.