New Solo Accessories from Polar Pro

The good folks at Polar Pro were some of our first Made for Solo partners, and they’ve developed the most Solo accessories, including the first to use the open accessory...


Another Colin Guinn Webinar!

It’s time for the next chapter in our pro video webinar series, led by UAV expert Colin Guinn. (Register here! We’re running a special and secret promotion for current Solo...


3D Robotics Selects Fast RTPS for System Infrastructure

We’ve been hard at work at 3DR on system architecture and looking into new ways of building adaptable UAV systems. Solo in particular leverages a number of distributed systems — components that...


Such Great Heights: Solo Shoots EpicTV’s “Epic Climber Spain” Series

We’re proud to see Solo featured on EpicTV, premier source for adventure sport videos. Starting back in April, Epic has been rolling out their “Epic Climber Spain” miniseries, in which...

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Solo Featured in DevinSuperTramp “Mirror’s Edge” Parkour Video

If you haven’t heard of YouTube star DevinSuperTramp — well, you’re not exactly in the minority, as there are seven billion of us, but you get the point. The man has four...


What 3DR was up to at NAB 2016

Last week at NAB 2016, we unveiled our new drone: Solo. You might remember we unveiled Solo at NAB 2015. You remember right. However, you may also remember our promise...


3D Robotics Announces Transformative New Software for Solo

The latest stream of cutting-edge software from 3DR includes augmented reality, interactive scene awareness and new Smart Shots, and it will dramatically enhance the aerial filming experience and all-around safety...

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Learn how to use Reality Capture Workflows to advance your construction business

Reality capture with drones will be necessary to win projects and monitor progress in the very near future. Site Scan + ReCap 360 Pro is the only complete solution that...


Using Time Lapse with Cable cam: Tips and tricks

Time lapse is a new function of Cable cam; you can access it in the Cable cam options menu. Time lapse allows you to slow Solo down to a crawl,...


Solo for Photography — Interview with @aerialskylab

How did you get started flying drones? I’ve always had a passion for aviation and robotics. I was doing some video production work for a company called Creative Live in...