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3DR is proud to announce that we’ve entered into a three-year corporate licensing agreement with PCL Construction to standardize on Site Scan across all of their districts, offices, and projects worldwide.

PCL Construction started working with 3DR in 2016 to leverage drone technology for site documentation, quality control, progress reporting, and more. Throughout their evaluation of Site Scan, PCL saw a significant reduction in survey delivery time, increased data accuracy and usability, and saved thousands in operational costs.

“Site Scan has changed the way teams communicate on the job site,” said Deron Brown, President and COO, PCL’s U.S. operations. “Using this straightforward tool has improved our on-site documentation of existing conditions, work in place, and as-builts. Site Scan’s workflows are efficient and produce repeatable results that easily integrate into our existing software and systems.”

With their standardization on the Site Scan platform, PCL will be working toward integrating drones and aerial analytics into nearly every project.

“What it came down to, for us, was the simplified workflow, the support we received from 3DR, and the scalability of the product,” said Bill Bennington, VDC Manager for PCL.  “We also liked using both 3DR hardware and software, along with the integration that 3DR has with Autodesk in cloud processing. “

Since 3DR  started collaborating in 2016, PCL has been an incredibly valuable partner, helping to make Site Scan the premier aerial analytics software for construction. Site Scan was designed with the construction market in mind and with this partnership, 3DR will continue to collaborate with PCL to tailor the Site Scan platform to meet the needs of large construction and civil engineering firms. 

“As the construction industry looks to innovate and improve collaboration, efficiency, and safety, PCL has set the bar for how construction companies leverage drone technology to achieve these goals,” said Chris Anderson, CEO for 3DR. “As a customer from the earliest days of Site Scan, PCL has helped shape our software, and I am excited about formalizing our partnership, and the value they see in standardizing on 3DR.”

Advancing innovation in the industry is important to both PCL Construction and 3DR. Both companies are excited to continue finding new and efficient ways to collect and use data.


3DR Webinar: Construction’s Automated Future from 3DR on Vimeo.