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When you process your drone photos into orthomosaics, 3D models, and other data products, you want to get the best results every time. A few factors affect the quality of a processed job: camera quality, flight mode, number of photos, and the type of deliverable you’d like to process, for example.

With this in mind, we’ve thoughtfully designed every aspect of Site Scan to deliver the most precise, actionable data possible. That’s why we’re excited to introduce one of the biggest improvements to Site Scan yet: we’ve integrated Site Scan with Pix4D, a leading photogrammetry engine, to help you create more accurate and detailed data products than ever before.

Site Scan is already integrated with the Autodesk ReCap processing engine, so now that Site Scan processing is also powered by Pix4D, we’re offering an industry first: multi-engine photogrammetry processing for your data products.

With multi-engine processing and Site Scan’s Sony R10C camera, our customers are achieving accuracy levels within a tenth of an inch of terrestrial LiDAR. Also, with the improved processing engine in Site Scan, now you can generate a topo with a contour interval down to 5 inches, which is comparable to terrestrial LiDAR.

Pix4D Orthomosaic

Now, with Pix4D integrated in Site Scan, you can get a more accurate aerial view of your jobsite than ever before.

How does it work?

We’ve made improvements that deliver processed data 3X faster, and now you also can process 5X more photos at once—2,500 photos in total. Once you capture your drone photos and upload them to the 3DR Site Scan cloud, they are automatically processed into the following data products:

• Orthomosaic






• Contours (Minimum 5 inch interval)

Once your data is processed, you will receive a quality report with details on accuracy,  quality, overlap, number of images calibrated and enabled, camera optimization, keypoint matches to indicate data quality, and more. This gives you—and your clients— confidence in the results.

“We need accurate, reliable, and robust processing for our drone imagery. Multi-engine processing with both ReCap and Pix4D enhances our ability to deliver superior results to our teams and external clients.” — Bobby Valentine, Kimley-Horn

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