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We’ve partnered with Esri® to develop Site Scan Esri® Edition, a custom version of our iOS app for drone data capture that works seamlessly with ArcGIS Online and streamlines processing in Esri’s Drone2Map software.

With this joint solution, we will complement Esri’s drone data offerings by creating an end-to-end package that includes full mission planning to easily capture and display drone data, and a simple workflow for using the data in the Esri ArcGIS ecosystem. With this solution, you’ll able to connect to ArcGIS Online with an Esri sign-in, and the app will allow you to directly use Esri data layers from ArcGIS Online—including custom data layers from the user’s ArcGIS Online organization account—as base and reference data for your mission planning.

“Esri started at the dawn of the space age with satellite data. Now drones can continue that mission at even higher resolution and frequency,” said our CEO, Chris Anderson. “I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to work with Esri to help its users easily capture and analyse drone data, giving them another powerful tool to measure and manage the world.”

Esri customers can use any drone currently supported by Site Scan, including the Yuneec 3DR H520-G, which is a custom version of the Yuneec H520 commercial drone. Based on the Dronecode PX4 software, the H520-G is designed to be an open and secure drone option for use on US government projects, making it a perfect complement to Esri’s FedRAMP certification, creating a complete, government-friendly drone mapping solution.

As Cody Benkelman, Imagery Product Manager at Esri, said: “3DR has been a leader in the drone industry, and we are excited to support this development effort. A drone flight planning app that connects directly to ArcGIS Online will provide great value to Esris worldwide customer base, and simplify the process of ensuring successful projects using Drone2Map.”

Site Scan Esri Edition will be available on the Esri Marketplace in late September for free to all ArcGIS customers. To learn more about 3DR’s suite of offerings for government projects, including the US government-friendly UAS, the H520-G, visit If you’re a US public agency or vendor looking for a UAS solution, reach out to our team—we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.