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How would one describe the Solo media coverage this past month?


This year we’ve announced new Smart Shots — including the shot to rule all shots, multipoint cable cam — along with in-app flight zone information and a suite of Made for Solo accessories. Check out these fresh first-rate reviews, interviews and articles about the world’s smartest drone and the world’s smartest drone company.


TIME — What it’s Like to Go To a ‘Drone Rodeo’

“Packing a pair of Linux computers powering a high-flying navigation system the company calls Smart Shots, this [Solo] rig held steady in the wind and rain, flying routes so easy to program that an eleven-year-old could become a master videographer.”

The Verge — Solo drone extends its capabilities with a parachute and 360 degree camera

“On the software side, Solo already has the best autonomous flight capabilities among the consumer drones we’ve reviewed. At CES it announced the addition of a powerful new feature, multi-point cable cam. This allows you to sketch out complex shots with multiple camera moves and points of focus. 3D Robotics also added the ability to save these shots so you don’t have to recreate them from scratch after you close the app.”

CNET — 3DR Solo drone flies and films for you: First Look

TechCrunch [Chris Anderson interview; video] — Drones, Drones Everywhere with 3D Robotics

Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, sits down with Matt Burns at CES 2016 to discuss the future of the drone landscape, the next technical challenges to overcome, and complying with the regulatory environment.

Engadget [Chris Anderson interview; video] — 3D Robotics: The future of drones needs to be smart yet simple

Quadcopters, drones, UAVs. Whatever you want to call them, they are an unavoidable part of our future according to 3DR CEO Chris Anderson. He should know, his company is the largest drone maker in America.

Claudia Cruz, CNET en Espanol — Now you can choreograph your flights, only with Solo from 3DR

“3D Robotics, one of the largest manufacturers of drones in the world and the most recognized by its open developer platform, announced [new software] this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2016, which will add three new functions to the software of Solo. This update would be the largest ever at the time.”

NBC News — 3DR’s Super Bowl Jumbotron PSA

CNET en Espanol — Five drones that left us speechless


“The creative minds at 3DR released new software for their Solo drone. The Solo can now Follow with Freelook and pass through multiple points in the Cable Cam setting. Each flight path created will be saved in the app and will be categorized by date and location or a name you specify. The Follow with Freelook feature is next to hiring a motion control setup. You’ll depend on the drone to position the camera, and you can pan and tilt to control the framing of the image.”

TechCrunch — “3DR Makes It Easier To Take Exactly The Drone Video You Want”

Engadget — “3DR’s Made for Solo program does 360 degree video on a budget”

Tech Times — “3DR’s eyes in the sky just improved.”

Drone Blog — 3DR Announces New Solo Features at CES 2016

“This latest software release is a big one, and it does what we want all of our releases to do: It makes every Solo out there a better Solo.”